pre last day float off

one more monday double before i take my leave
of stair climbing service slaving.
who am i kidding?
my job has been a pretty great one.
i'm ready for another summer in that city.
almost buddytime.
almost time.

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to eclipse awkward

i have the strangest dreams
motorcycles, intimacy, and irrelevance
the following could serve as the soundtrack to two of those three
i'm not so sure that's a good thing
but fuck it
i've gotta work

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the weekend is here and people are excited.
i work every weekend.
weekends aren't good fun.
but they are good $$$$$

3 more weeks.
cant wait.

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on my daze off

laid around in my room all day just zzzzzzoned ouuuuuut. it was very nice. woke up at times to add layers to the gurgling lows that grew from various highs last night. hope you chips ahoy.

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earth hair growth

today was a good day. my name might as well be on a blimp. i sent some mail to a little buddy, went to the library and discovered a gold mine for collage, (paid a total of $1.60 for a bunch of old missouri conservationist magazines, and a few books chock full of creeper kids) and made some noises. the first one is just something i was messing with throughout the day. the second features the best sound quality i've been privy to, recorded analog straight on reel to reel tape and mixed courtesy of tony gambill. we get headaches full of ideas. i hope you like them.

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work = neglect

believe it or not i still make these noises in between running up and down stairs all day peddling trans fats. tomorrow i'm sitting down with tony, a sort of mad scientist of sound, to work on some stuff. hopefully the vibes are good vibey.

in other news, tomorrow needs to be july.

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fucking diplo

in st louis last night at the gargoyle and the shit sold out. really? okay, fine. good for him. i wouldnt be salty about it except this kid i sorta know got in cuz he was first to respond to a twitter on diplo's page. what kinda shit is that? i wouldve happily paid my money for a ticket and danced my ass off in that sweaty, bouncy, basement of a venue, but nooooooo, you'd rather take up that space rewarding someone for being the closest follower of your every move on the internet. yeah, good plan. i'm sure a room full of people like that makes for a total party. anyways i'm only bitter cuz he got in and i didn't i guess. tweet on player.

the first couple of tracks are things i made long before i ever started posting anything in the first place. the third was made using baby eugene's toys. fun fun fun.

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